Thursday, August 30, 2012

Look at the state of these zones!

Brisbane's public transport zones under Translink are a product of  a long history of manipulation and disorganised attempts to create an effective integrated ticketing system. The map we have created shows the various tentacles created by the inclusion of  transition zones or 'precincts' which make up 20% of all train stations on the Translink network. It is a band aid solution that has become part of their system which is why Translink don't provide us with good zone information, and we have to go and dig it out. 
Have a close look at Darra Station. Look near it and you will see just how ridiculous and unfair this zoning system is to people in Inala.

We used online maps, journey planner, timetables, push bikes, walking, and lots of local knowledge to plot the REAL zone boundaries for this segment of Brisbane's south. You can see how they've manipulated the boundaries along train lines a
nd the South East Busway.
We have 5 more of these to do to complete the map of Brisbane, but it takes a lot of work and local knowledge. If you would like to help, we have prepared some instructions for doing the research and plotting the zone changes. Just get in touch and we'll help get you started.

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  1. Well, yes... But the people in Inala are DIRTY POOR PEOPLE. Of course we want to keep them out! Don't you know anything about the LNP?