Sunday, January 8, 2012

Notching up. It's growing! Mark my words!

The team were out the front of central station handing out our 'notching up' offer to commuters saying "The Translink Ripoff" and "We are being ripped off!". I lost count of how many times I heard "We sure are!".

Though we only got one taker for our offer we think it was a successful outing. Terry who lives in Lawnton will save $18 because of our notching service. He was not only happy to get a saving but stoked to see some active resistance against Translink's coercive strategies.

While I was on the busway notching up Terry's unregistered go-card I bumped into Andrew who lives at the Gold Coast and commutes to Brisbane daily. He said he had seen last weeks Brisbane Times article and had decided to have a go at notching his own card. We hopped buses for forty minutes together while I shared some of the finer points of notching. Andrew stands to make a significant saving for his efforts (roughly $90) saying that the time he took off work was worth it. Andrew will be sharing his experiences with the local Chinese language community online.

We are of the opinion that an enterprising young bicycle courier could earn a few bucks by offering a notching service.

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Notching up your unregistered go-card

Today we have a very special offer. After receiving legal advice we've decided to make this offer available only for adults with unregistered go-cards. According to the Translink website go-card conditions of use " The go card must only be used by the authorised user or by the cardholder if no authorised user is nominated." 

Translink do not specify that the person who purchases a go-card retain proof of purchase so therefore an unregistered go-card is transferable between individuals, ie the card holder is any person holding that card. 

Here is how our offer works. TXT your first name and second initial, and your CBD work address to Michael on 0414 215 288 before 10am. Our team will 'notch up' 9 journey's and return your card to you at work between 2pm and 3pm. 

You will need at least $21.96 credit on your go-card to cover the 9 journey's. We are asking for $1 cash per journey. 

Numbers are limited so get in early!

Go unregistered!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A very special service that will save you money!

Next Monday morning 09/01/12 I will be at Central Station offering a very special service. For $1 per journey I will run up 9 journeys in zone 1 during off-peak. If you live outside zone 1 and commute during peak times, that means a saving of at least $0.14 per journey for the rest of the week.
Look for the guy wearing The Translink Ripoff t-shirt. Just give me your go-card (with at least $21.96 credit) and $9 cash. Then just txt me your CBD work address and I will drop your card off before you go home. Easy!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to get the most from the new 10 journey cap.

The cheapest and most efficient way to make 10 journeys on your go-card is to travel in one zone where service frequencies are highest. The best place in Brisbane is in Zone 1 between Mater Hill station and the Cultural Centre station. Because the go-card system does not recognise or police return journeys on  your go-card you can travel back and forth along the busway without any problems. And the very stingy 3 transfer limit means you can complete a journey by hoping from bus to bus.

When catching buses outbound from the Cultural Centre station be sure to avoid catching the 192, 196, 197, 199, City Glider, or the 202 as they travel down Melbourne St. Also avoid any bus with 3, 4, or 5 as the first number.

The new off peak fare for 1 zone is $2.44. Ten journeys is therefore $24.40 and a new go-card is $5. For the sum total of $29.40 I was able to reach the 10 journey cap and was able to sell it to a backpacker who can travel with it for free for the next 6.5 days! They could even use it for a trip to the coast then sell it on.

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