Monday, December 2, 2013

Daring to Dream: Our visit to the Tramway Museum in Ferny Grove

Brisbane has a little known historic gem thanks to some smart thinking folk back in the late 60's when Clem Jones got rid of the trams. It is a place of child-like joy that brings smiles to all ages.

The Tramway Museum on Tramway Street in Ferny Grove is a great place to dream big about public transport in South East Queensland!

We say 'blue sky thinking" shouldn't be just for big wigs and corporate types. It should be for all of us!

Why shouldn't we say bring back the trams?

Thanks to support from the Brisbane City Council the Tramway Museum is able to keep rolling.

Peter the driver at the helm.

Peter steering the tram forward.

Leon sells the tickets and souvenirs.

We wish they had saved the trams!

Alex the conductor wont accept gocard.

An unmissable photo opportunity.

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