Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Our table of shame updated with more smart card info.

After feedback from Facebook followers we've done some research including interstate phone calls to find out what's going on with smart cards and fares. When we first created this table the Go Card system was the most well established in Australia. Now the Myki card is well established in Melbourne and in Perth the SmartRider card is the way to go. Adelaide's Metro card is a little more advanced than Sydney's Opal card.

You'll see that we've added info about the number of transfers and you'll see that SEQ misses out again. To find information about transfers we had to call the info lines for each Transit Authority.

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  1. I've just arrived to Bribane from Europe, after 3 days spent in Sydney, and i cannot believe the prices here. In Berline one pays for single ticket 2.70€. The ticket is valid for 2 hours and valid for the whole underground system, which is equivalent of zone 1 here having the radius of approx 20 km. And we complain that the prices went up from 2.20€ in last 7 years. Just for the price of ca 2.5 multiple of the single
    ticket, or for 6.50€, one can buy 24 hours ticket. Not to mention that seniors, childrens, students, unemployed on benefit are entitled to considerable concessions. There are of course monthly and yearly tickets available. Paris is even cheaper. Single ticket for the entire underground are is for 1.70€ valid 90 minutes.