Sunday, January 8, 2012

Notching up. It's growing! Mark my words!

The team were out the front of central station handing out our 'notching up' offer to commuters saying "The Translink Ripoff" and "We are being ripped off!". I lost count of how many times I heard "We sure are!".

Though we only got one taker for our offer we think it was a successful outing. Terry who lives in Lawnton will save $18 because of our notching service. He was not only happy to get a saving but stoked to see some active resistance against Translink's coercive strategies.

While I was on the busway notching up Terry's unregistered go-card I bumped into Andrew who lives at the Gold Coast and commutes to Brisbane daily. He said he had seen last weeks Brisbane Times article and had decided to have a go at notching his own card. We hopped buses for forty minutes together while I shared some of the finer points of notching. Andrew stands to make a significant saving for his efforts (roughly $90) saying that the time he took off work was worth it. Andrew will be sharing his experiences with the local Chinese language community online.

We are of the opinion that an enterprising young bicycle courier could earn a few bucks by offering a notching service.

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  1. Mate I woulda stopped in and done the notch up, hell I would have helped promote it. I'm disgusted to the hilt with this price cost. Public transport now costs me $2600 a year!!!

    The only reason I don't drive to work is because parking is too expensive in the city.

    Tell you what though, if you do another notch up, myself and all my public transport using buddies in the office will be behind you!

  2. You're on! Doing another notch up Monday 23rd Jan (if Translink haven't changed the rules). Email me mgswifte at so we can get organised.

    Also if you could encourage your work mates to like us on Facebook that would be awesome!

    I've added the FB link to this post.