Sunday, January 8, 2012

Notching up your unregistered go-card

Today we have a very special offer. After receiving legal advice we've decided to make this offer available only for adults with unregistered go-cards. According to the Translink website go-card conditions of use " The go card must only be used by the authorised user or by the cardholder if no authorised user is nominated." 

Translink do not specify that the person who purchases a go-card retain proof of purchase so therefore an unregistered go-card is transferable between individuals, ie the card holder is any person holding that card. 

Here is how our offer works. TXT your first name and second initial, and your CBD work address to Michael on 0414 215 288 before 10am. Our team will 'notch up' 9 journey's and return your card to you at work between 2pm and 3pm. 

You will need at least $21.96 credit on your go-card to cover the 9 journey's. We are asking for $1 cash per journey. 

Numbers are limited so get in early!

Go unregistered!

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