Monday, February 18, 2013

It costs an arm and a leg to pay the fare in SEQ

On valentines day we went to Central Station and Inala Plaza to talk to people about the cost of fares and to have a little fun. We brought two mannequin arms and legs to help make our point.

We got the usual nods of agreement from the commuters at Central Station, and had a little fun and listened to some real people's stories at the Inala Plaza bus stop.

We were stoked that so many people were happy to have their photo taken.

George thinks its too expensive

Mrs Adam is angry, 'In Inala we can't afford to go anywhere, fares have taken over our lives'.

Michael thinks fares are way too dear

Joe has had enough

Gladys wants cheaper fares.

Beverley can't go as often as she'd like to.

Yolanda thinks its too expensive.

Cassandra is not happy about Translink fares.

Sharni is not happy about the price of fares

Abdi says it is much too expensive, more than anywhere else.

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