Monday, February 18, 2013

Notching Up in 2013

The current government said they were going to do something about the cost of living. They said they would do something to make public transport more affordable. But instead they've just sold their fare increase as less bad than the one planned by the previous government. Changing the 10 journey cap to a 9 journey cap was a tiny tweak to an existing fare saving opportunity that is targeted only at those who commute to work full time. 

But there is a way to squeeze the highest possible value out of the absurd transfer rules and this unfair and ineffective 'affordability' measure. We call it 'notching up'.

Here's how our notching up service works. 
  • I provide the service to people who work in or around the Brisbane CBD on Monday mornings so as to optimize the benefits for the rest of the week. Ideally you will have notched one journey getting to work. 
  • You need to provide me with an unregistered go-card as this protects both of us from infringement of Translink rules as anyone can be the bearer of an unregistered go-card.
  • I charge $1 per notch and the go-card needs to be charged with enough credit to cover the cost of 8-1 zone (off peak) journeys $21.04 or the cost of 9-1 zone (off peak) journeys $23.48 if you have not notched up a journey that morning.
  • Text me your workplace address or a meeting place, I'll meet you between 9am and 10am, grab your go-card and $8 or $9, and return it before you finish work. 
That means that the cost of each journey will be $3.63 which is a significant saving! I am eager to get as many go-cards as I can as I have a new strategy that will allow me to notch up go-cards 5 go cards at a time. This may interest your co-workers?

Michael Swifte
0449 180 465

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